Transport and Transit
Dedicated Vehicles Management
Full Truck
National Distribution
Warehouse and Logistics
Warehouse and Cross Docking
Providing Storage Spaces
Provision of Office Spaces

Dedicated vehicles management

Vehicles with controlled temperature or isothermal various types, 100% adapted to customer needs.

Warehousing and Logistics

Spacious facilities with 5,000 m², with 1200 m² logistics platform appropriate to their needs, Pier discharges, patio, access to TIR.

Providing Storage and Office Spaces

Spaces Storage 5-1500 m² Offices as well as up to 250 m² with Internet access – Ease of access.

Shipping / Transports and Storage of Goods Since 1985

Dedicated vehicles management, full trucks and nationalwide distribuition. Ample facilities strategically located adjacent to the access to the motorways A1 and A32 in Vila Nova de Gaia / Olival, with 5,000 m2 of which 1,800 m2 are storage space, all integrated services, workshop, offices and parking.