Warehousing / Logistics

Warehousing / Logistics Services

With its new facilities Artemar can provide storage and logistic services including cross-docking and good / products storage, taking advantage of having dischargers piers with platform lifts, space for parking / patio, access to TIR, as well as security 24 hours a day.

It has 900 m2 with a ceiling height of 7 meters tall, to maximize storage space, 3 loading docks, equipped with retractable platforms to speed up the time to load and unload trucks / heavy vehicles. The warehouse also has 1 door that allows the entry of vans in the warehouse, as well as 2 outside docks for vans. This warehouse has offices, bathrooms and showers. It as a parking space / patio of 750 m2.

It has 900 m2, 2 loading docks with platform lift and 1 door that allows the entry of trucks / heavy vehicles. It also has bathrooms of support and a parking space / patio of 1.750 m2.

Providing spaces for Warehouses

The facilities that the company has allows you to provide your customers a logistics platform suitable for all your needs.
We rent warehouses and storage spaces from 5m2 to 1.800 m2, plus more than 2.000 m2 outside space for parking / patio, with integrated services like:

Com espaços que vão desde os 5m² até aos 1800m², as novas instalações permitem a empresas e a particulares disporem de um espaço à sua medida em regime de arrendamento com os serviços integrados de:

– Cross Docking of goods and rental space per pallet;
– Vehicles Parking;
– Sanitary facilities with showers for long-distance drivers;
– 5 loading dock with decks;
– Forklifts equipments ;
– Human resources to operate;
– Backyard;
– TIR access;

Artemar has its own security 24h per day, guaranteeing its customers a total security in products that the company stores in its premises.

At our premises we have changing rooms with toilets and showers that allow truck drivers and employees to take care of their personal hygiene.

Provision of Office Space

Our company has 250 m2 of offices to rent to clients and others. This offices can support the logistics and shipping (transports) processes.
We have different spaces adaptable to the need of each person / customer, with sanitary facilities, internet access, parking places, and we are strategically located next to the access to the motorway A1 and A32 in Vila Nova Gaia / Oporto.

The company has facilities of 5.000 m2, 1.800 m2 of which era warehouse with storage space, with integrated services like truck / heavy vehicles assistance, offices and parking spaces.